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 Internet Golf Reservation Service                   Online Booking Software provided by BRS Golf Systems

Welcome to the Longside Golf Club Internet Golf Reservation Service. This service allows members to book a tee time over the Internet and get instant on-screen and email confirmation of their booking.

This booking service is an integral part of the club's live computerised booking system, hence tee time availability is accurate and up to date to the second from anywhere in the world.
To use this service you will need a username and password.


Click here to register or book a tee time.

           Click buttons to see help Documents and Videos

                                How do I register to use the Booking System ?

                                How do I Add, Edit and Delete a Booking?

                                Click here to view demo video of the registration for members.

                                Click here to view demo video of  booking process for members.


   Booking Process

  We have tried to make booking process as straightforward to use as possible so that you can make your booking, quickly and easily.

  All bookings are completed in the following 4 stages,

   Stage 1: Select the day you want to play
   Stage 2: Select the time you want
   Stage 3: Enter the player names
   Stage 4: Display and email confirmation message

   Your booking is only confirmed if you proceed to the last stage.  

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